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Listen carefully to ensure that we get the brief right.

We pride ourselves on being good listeners. It’s important for us to fully understand what you’re trying to achieve and why. We’ll need to know what your goals are and when you need it by. If you have a tight timescale for the project, we’ll let you know if it’s possible – don’t worry we haven’t missed a deadline in 30 years, so once we’ve agreed to a completion date, your project WILL be delivered on time.


Use our experience to provide you with an accurate estimate, with no hidden costs.

Once we’ve agreed on the scope of work, we’ll provide you with an accurate estimate for your project. Upon approval of this estimate, we’ll get the ball rolling. (please see our terms and conditions of business).


Explore your products, services and competition.

As soon as your project goes live in the studio, we’ll carry out research into your market sector and competitors, to explore and understand ‘what good looks like’ – who’s doing things well and who’s not. Identify potential opportunities to provide you with a competitive advantage. Find out what lessons can we learn and what sort of things should we avoid doing.

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Brainstorm a variety of potential solutions to answer your brief.

With every problem, there are many solutions. Using our research, we need to consider the options and routes available to you and decide on the right ones to explore.


Evaluate possible concepts.

All to work we produce is bespoke and designed specifically for you. Firstly, we go to our sketchbooks to explore lots of possible ideas and options, experimenting with style, colour and treatments to create something unique. Then we’ll expand on the best of these ideas, fine-tuning them to be eye-catching, memorable and where possible, relevant to your business.


Share our ideas with you.

Once the design stage is complete, we’ll present our ideas and findings to you to get your comments and feedback. We’ll share all of our work with you, explaining why we believe our chosen solutions answer your brief correctly and are best suited to take your business forward.

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Fine Tune

Carry out any tweaks that may be required.

In the vast majority of cases, our experience enables us to interpret your brief correctly the first time. However, sometimes upon presentation of our ideas, clients may see something in our sketches or early designs that they’d like us to explore further, or see a particular concept in a different colour or styling. This is absolutely no problem, we’re always happy to fine-tune your designs within our agreed project costs.


Finalise the chosen design concept.

Once you’re happy and your design has been approved, we put the finishing touches on it, ready to deliver your project to you.


Providing thorough quality assurance checks.

Check for quality, functionality and consistency, liaising with printers, suppliers and third parties.

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Provide you with your finished project.

Depending on what sort of project it is:

For branding projects, we’ll prepare your logo and artwork files in all of the formats you’ll need – in CMYK (for print use) and RGB (for online use).

For website projects, we’ll carry out all of the final tests and checks, making sure everything works correctly before we push your site live.

For print design, promotions and packaging projects, we’ll check your final artwork for quality and consistency, liaising with any printers, suppliers and third parties as required.

For retail and exhibition design projects, we’ll check your artwork and specifications are correct and deliver them to your chosen installers or contractors.


At Right Angle, you won’t be sent a final invoice until you’re completely happy.

Once we’ve delivered your project and you’re completely happy with our service, we’ll submit our invoice for payment.


Measure the effectiveness of the project.

After an agreed period, test and assess how your project is performing against your goals and agree on any ‘next steps’ which may be required.

Branding Design Process

Website Design Process