Brand Aid 3: Art For Art’s Sake

Welcome to Brand Aid 3, a helping hand with branding and marketing.

Today dear readers, we’ll be talking about ‘CLIP ART’…There, I’ve said it, It’s out in the open and like it or not, it’s not going away any time soon.

Clip Art is absolutely fine when it’s used for the right things. For example a quick colourful birthday invite for your children, or a poster for a quiz night at the local school, job done!

It does what it says on the tin, it’s simple, tongue in cheek, fun. Have a go, fill your boots and enjoy the process!


and it’s a VERY BIG BUT!
Don’t make the HUGE mistake of mixing business with pleasure.

Clip Art is NOT appropriate for business in ANY kind of professional document! (except when illustrating a blog about not using it).

Clip Art by its very nature is in the public domain, its FREE and anyone can use it. In business, the last thing you need to be, is the same as everyone else and blend into the baa-baa-ckground. You need to stand out and find your USP (unique selling point) so that customers understand why you’re different from your competitors. (takes breath and steps down from soap box)

Some businesses insist on using those 3D stick men, clip arty, thingy’s, you know the ones, those faceless ‘cute’ blobby blokes…

I just don’t get it, they’re cheap, overused, tacky and cheesy, to mature smelly Gorgonzola proportions. Sorry, is it only me?… I’ll get me coat (again).

Some print companies ‘Shaaaame on them’ offer businesses ‘Design to a Template’ Aggggh… This is exactly what businesses don’t need, it’s just another way for them blend into the baa-baa-ckground: Your name HERE, Your logo HERE… Your guarantee of mediocrity HERE!… (Apologies if one of the examples below IS your logo). Also, if you’re thinking of calling your new company ‘Curl up & Dye’ or ‘Cuts to Dye For’… Call us, we can help you!

If you want to be taken seriously, PLEASE don’t use Clip Art, 3D stick men ‘thingy’s’ or mediocre template design in your business branding and marketing (we’ll have to deal with the ‘stock photo’ issue another time).

Here’s the pitch: Qualified, experienced, professional graphic designers have trained for years to perfect their art. They have the knowledge and skills required to help you drive your business forward. They can give you a key point of difference so that you stand out from the crowd and more importantly, stand out from your competitors!

If you happen to see any Business Clip Art ‘howlers’ on your travels, please post them here, we’d love to see them!

Sorry, my column inches just ran out for this month: So, as 10cc almost said in their fabulous 1975 single: “Art for Arts Sake… ‘Stand Out’ for Gods Sake!”

Thank you for listening to my rant. See you next m…