…Drum roll – Beth’s just joined Right Angle (hooray), after working remotely for her 1st week, here’s what she has to say about ‘life after lockdown’.

Yes, business has been slowing down – we’ve felt it too. But as lockdown measures ease and things gradually start to return to a new normal, finding innovative ways to survive and get ahead of your competition is a must.

Coronavirus is impacting consumer mobility, supply chains, and shifting the use of online services. Here at Right Angle, we’ve been getting used to working remotely, conducting client meetings via Zoom, communicating internally on Slack, socially distancing yet still delivering amazing results for our clients. With the growth of online platforms, increased communication between family and work, surges in online shopping and use of online services, one thing has become apparent, the world appears to be even more digital than before.

So, how can you relaunch your brand post COVID?

Restore brand relevance

Meeting the needs and problems of your customers requires knowledge of the current market. Times have changed so how can you change with it? Major shifts in consumer behaviour may indeed require a re-assessment of your brand’s benefits and functions. Look at what your competitors are doing, find gaps in the market that might appeal to the current needs of your customer base, start to test and measure your progress and find out which strategies lead to the best revenue growth.

Rebuild brand trust

Trust in your brand is a valuable asset that stands the test of time. Ensuring your customers still have trust in your brand during this uncertain period will help you re-kindle those strong relationships that have laid dormant during lockdown. Find a way to reach out to your current customers and re-assure them that you’re still there for them. It’s much easier to sell to existing customers who already trust your brand than it is to go out and find new ones. Forming personal, strong relationships will create a solid customer base that you can rely on in times of crisis like these.

Re-evaluate your website

People are using digital platforms even more so than before, yes places are starting to re-open but consumer patterns are likely to be altered for the foreseeable future. Remember that 80% of customers will view your website before contacting you. Your website must now act as the key point of reference with your customers. As discussed above, relevance is key. So, ask yourself, is your website relevant? Is it easy to use? Is it up-to-date and full of useful information? Is it fast? Nothing annoys customers more than a slow site. Will it make them want to re-visit? Assess its proficiency and content. As your website acts as the key communicator between you and your customers, it needs to be clear, reliable, interesting, fast and efficient. With these points in mind, we’ve used our time wisely and completely re-designed and optimised Right Angle’s 378 page (and counting) website.

Improve your digital services

More customers are making decisions via digital channels now. Your website and digital channels are strong marketing tools that become even more effective when targeted at specific customers. Are you using analytics and monitoring how customers use your site? Ensure that your digital services highlight the unique selling points of your brand. Are your services/products clearly outlined? Are the product pages encouraging sales? Are there enough calls to action? Use this time to streamline your digital service so it facilitates the needs of your audience and make sure that your customer’s experience is second to none.

During uncertain times such as this, business can be challenging. However, if you use the time wisely, support your customers, put your brand to the forefront and improve your key communications, coming out of the other side will be a lot smoother and will give your business a chance to thrive, not just survive!

If you’d like to emerge stronger, faster and more efficient from lockdown, we’d love to help!  Contact us here.