The JANUARY SALES are upon us, Big Time. This is the High Street’s way of telling us that they’ve just charged us hugely over inflated prices at Christmas and that they’re really sorrythey realise the error of their ways, so now, out of the kindness of their hearts, they’re allowing us to buy the same products for up to 70% OFF!

1:Phase Eight  2:Marks & Spencer  3:Hobbs  4:Coast  5:Monsoon  6:John Lewis
7:Claires  8:Next  9:Fat Face  10: Karen Millen  11:Topshop/Topman  12:TK Maxx

Our TVs are overloaded with adverts, telling us we’d be absolutely mad to miss out on all these Amazing BARGAINS, yet the internet auction sites have been bursting at the seams with unwanted gifts since Christmas Day. Why do we fall for it every year, do we really need more clutter in our lives?… 

13:Independent Fashion Shop  14: Heffers  15:Zara  16:Kew  17:Oasis  18:Bank
19:Clarks  20:GAP  21:Ted Baker  22:Dorothy Perkins  23:L’Occitane  24:Miss Selfridge  

…Apparently YES, judging by the crowds of shoppers who’ve been voting with their feet. 

We’ve been out and about having a look at what’s happening on with the High Street to see who’s doing what this year. As usual the majority of retailers are making us SEE RED, some however have broken the mould, Gap have gone Green, Monsoon have treated us to an orange and pink combo and Next have gone with multi coloured shapes, some have decided not to pass on the VAT increase, but there’s nothing particularly astonishing out there (and no sign of an apology for the over inflated Christmas prices).

Over the years at Right Angle, we’ve designed and artworked lots of sale promotions for various retailers (guilty as charged for our sins!), here are a few examples:

Our promotional sale graphics for Tesco were so successful, that they were used for 5 consecutive years. We formatted the words ‘Half’, ‘Price’ and ‘Sale’ into perfect ‘squares’, enabling us to use them in memorable positive and negative patterns across the P.O.S. elements, regardless of whether they were landscape or portrait in format.

This three phase promotion for Dorothy Perkins started with a general Sale, followed by many items being sold at half the original price, then ending with a Blue Cross Sale, where an extra 20% was taken off selected lines. Elements ranged from large format posters, to swing tickets and window flashes.

A summer season promotional sale for Dorothy Perkins. The P.O.S. ranges from large format posters and perimeter friezes to gondola headers, strut cards, dump bins, pallet wraps, shelf talkers, hanger overriders and swing tickets. We linked all of the elements with a hand drawn sun symbol.

If you can find it in your heart to forgive us for selling out to the nasty retailers, please go to our portfolio to see more of our Promotional and Point of Sale design examples.

Maybe we should all make a New Year’s Resolution to postpone buying Christmas presents until January so we can force the retailers to allow us to buy stuff at a fair price all year round? Good luck, if you are thinking of braving the High Street, hopefully there’s still a few bargains out there to be had, (like we’ve all been had :'( 

So, unfortunately, until we resolve to start a glorious ‘Retail Revolution‘ It looks like we’ll be SEEING RED at the dreaded SALES for the foreseeable future!…