‘The Arthritis Supermarket’ took us up on our offer of a FREE Logo Health Check

The Logo Health Check is a free design clinic run by Right Angle, giving people a professional, unbiased assessment on the current state of health of their logo.


‘The Arthritis Supermarket’ were about to launch a brand new website: arthritissupermarket.co.uk – where all of the latest arthritis treatments and products for people, cats, dogs & even horses were brought together in one place. They were happy with the concept of the website but weren’t 100% happy with the logo that had been designed for them by another agency, so they came to us to have it checked out…

Arthritis Supermarket Original Logo – by another agency

Arthritis Supermarket Original Website Header – by another agency


Name: ‘The Arthritis Supermarket’ + good
Logo: Arthritis Supermarket.com – poor
Typeface: Sans Serif Italic & Bold + good
Colours: Plum & Dark Blue – OK


When Right Angle assessed ‘The Arthritis Supermarket’ Logo we found that it had some merits: The name was good and the sans serif, italic & bold typeface worked well for the ‘value’ ‘supermarket’ look and feel they were trying to project.

However, we felt that the Logo itself was plain, dull and forgettable, with no link or relevance to either ‘Arthritis’ or ‘Supermarkets’. The colours used were quite ‘up-market’ and bore no relevance to the ‘great value products & prices’ which are advertised on the pages of their website.


Right Angle Logo Design (stacked version)

Right Angle Logo Design (one line website header version)

New Website Header

Right Angle Logo Design Solution

Our design solution was one of ‘evolution NOT revolution’ – we kept the sans serif, italic, bold typeface from the original logo, but brightened up the colourways to give it more vibrancy and a ‘value’ feel. Then, we introduced 3 golden triangles over the ‘s’ of ‘arthritis to illustrate ‘pain’ or ‘pain relief’ (we positioned these directly over the ‘joint’ of the words ‘arthritis’ and ‘supermarket’ on the one line version).

We produced 2 versions of the final logo, one for use on the website header and one for use in product advertising (directing people to the website).

The new logo is now relevant to their core business, memorable, strong and ‘very healthy’!


“The design service from Right Angle has been excellent. They are experienced, creative, knowledgeable and willing to help. From just a logo design, they are now a key resource in the development of our business. Getting a solid identity from the beginning pays dividends in the long run, since it makes extending the brand to all aspects of marketing and branding, that much more efficient, visually striking and consistent. I have no hesitation in recommending Right Angle“

Julie Small (Director) The Arthritis Supermarket