Brands, like relationships, need a bit of TLC if they want to live happily ever after. Is it time to take your brand out on a date-night?

I love my brand

When looking at the branding for a business it’s important to make sure that we’re saying the right thing. Professional visual design not only looks good, but talks to the viewer and tells a story.

Is it warm feelings of both passion and fondness that we’re looking to invoke when we are planning what we want our brand to say about us when we’re not there. And if not, what are the qualities and attributes you do want to convey?

Why not stop and spend some time with the materials that are talking about you when you’re not there?  Your website, your business stationery – your logo?

Are you certain that you’re still encompassing all the values that you wanted to capture in the enthusiasm of your early days as a brand?

In the annals of time, when you’re working ‘in’ your business rather than ‘on’ it, it can be hard to remember and hold onto those aspirations from when you were first initiating your venture but they are vital to keep a brand fresh and authentic.

Maybe you set out to do one thing but your business journey took you another route – make sure that your branding is still telling your story of your past and your imagined future.

Even our own brand, which has been with us since 1992 has just been given a refresh to keep it in line with the latest business developments at Right Angle. We’ve used plenty of TLC, retaining the essence of our brand but thought it was important to communicate the full range of branding and marketing services we now offer to our customers:

Right Angle Creative Branding design development

If you think you’d like to lavish some love on your brand, Right Angle can quickly provide a brand audit, with recommendations – see HERE for an example of how a few tweaks made a big difference to one of our clients and HERE for how our attention to detail created an 800% uplift in sales.

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