Looking at our current logo, which was created in 1992 and has served us well for over 20 years, I suddenly thought… the ‘youth of today’ have been telling me that ‘DIY design’ is the next big thing… Let’s check it out and see what all the fuss is about.

So, here we are on ‘DIY_we_design_your_logo_in_under_60_seconds.com’

Seems easy enough…

Company Name: Right Angle
Industry: Consulting

This is great… 10 seconds in and I’m already clicking the ‘Show my Designs for Free’ button and it hasn’t cost me a penny, there’s got to be a catch…

Hang on, whirling wheel, another 10 seconds gone and BOOM there we go!

16 instant logo designs to choose from in 10 seconds – that’s incredible, impossible, out of this world, have they nicked Dr Who’s blue box?

Hang about, there’s more… there’s 10 pages of designs here – maths isn’t my strong point but that’s over 150 logo designs in 10 seconds, that’s less than a second per design. No way.

I’m not hanging about here, I’m clicking page 2 – This is absolutely brilliant and it still hasn’t cost me a thing!..

10 seconds later:

That’ll do NICELY thank you, two animated figures representing us as a company, working closely together with our clients, with a graphic representation of the money we’ll both make during the mutually beneficial collaboration. ‘Simon’s your mothers brother’, I don’t like it…

I LOVE it!

Now just hold on there a cotton pickin’ minute, A’say, A’say, is that a ‘Variations’ button I see before me?

NO WAY José – I’m clicking it – Ain’t no stoppin’ me nowwww, I’m on the mooove, I’ve got thiiiis…

15 seconds later and:

KA-BOOM, Holy DIY logos Batman, I absolutely love purple, that’s the colour of my mothers hair!, How could they possibly know?


Ooooo, by my calculations (which aren’t great), I’m less than 60 seconds in and there’s my new logo, ready to shout out to the world… “Here I am, loud and proud, I’ve got class and style to spare and I’m not afraid to use it! – Hey, you clients out there, come up and see me sometime, let’s throw our hats into a blender and let the magic happen! WHAT have you got to lose?”

WHAT A SERVICE – so far, this has not cost me one single solitary coin of the realm – it’s absolutely 100% FREE up to now, it’s been really FAST and EFFICIENT… I’m telling you, I am seriously thinking about pressing the next button, which will no doubt produce all of the hi-resolution digital artwork files I need, in CMYK and RGB formats, including a vector logo, full 3D and animated versions, plus a corporate colour specification sheet, all in under 10 seconds (including download time).

There’s only one problem though…



If you’re looking for a professional logo which is memorable, relevant to your target market and will last the lifetime of your business, we can’t promise we can do it in less than 60 seconds, but we can guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with the end result. Have a look at our 360 degree design process and please give us a call to discuss how we can help.