Animation can literally move your brand to the next level

Animation can be a game changer when it comes to marketing your business. Having moving components can help bring your logo or elements of your brand to life. Whether it’s a shift in scale, direction or opacity, the animation can be manipulated to fit within your intended industry or match your brands narrative. For example, our Nicola Page Architects logo, uses grid lines, often seen in architectural drawings to make it relevant and help bring the brand to life.

Since the digital media BOOM, animation has moved to centre stage in the marketing sector, brands are constantly exploring new ways to showcase their content and become more prominent within their industry sector.

Animated 'Q' icon for PDQ
GEO branding design animated symbol logo Thumbnail
Animated Evolve Nutrition branding design with leaves coming out the letter v Thumbnail
Animated Cheese Plus symbol Branding design

Research tells us that video content is received far better than static images, therefore animating your logo and creating a longer lasting, memorable impression becomes a bit of a no-brainer! Creating an emotive brand often becomes harder to achieve through a flat icon or symbol alone, so even a short animation clip can help tell your story and present the desired personality of your brand.

Using video to showcase and unveil your brand piece by piece, your message becomes clearer. So whether it’s a professional, thought provoking or fun narrative you’re aiming for, you can make your brand more easily understandable and dynamic through movement.

Animation logo render of 3 elegant different coloured lines flowing under the Riverway text Thumbnail
Animated Vivid Health plus symbol design background
Alzoka branding design animated star logo

In terms of negatives for animating a logo or branding material, there aren’t many! Other than the potential increase in file size there are no real reasons not to introduce movement to your brand with an animated logo.

So, to summarise, animation is an extremely powerful method of ensuring your brand is memorable and current. It’ll help you stand out from your competition and create a long lasting impression on your customers… It’s also pretty cool! 🙂

Ecogrove Portrait with animated 'E' logo design
Just William butchers logo design written animated gif

Use animation to move your brand to the next level… If you’re ready to ‘move on up’ and animate your logo, we’d love to help. Get in touch for a quick chat…