So Drinks Case Study Test

So Drinks are an independent producer of ‘Full Bodied Spirits’. All of the Gins, Vodkas and Sherry’s they make are infused with berries and natural ingredients, handpicked from the hedgerows around their Suffolk farmstead.

To launch a new independent brand to the sprits marketplace. All of the drinks are handmade and can take up to 12 months to be fully infused before they’re ready for sale.

The client came to Right Angle as ‘Herkstead Drinks’ and needed a new name, a brand design to set them apart from other spirit retailers. A strapline to clearly explain their product offer, bottle labels an e-commerce website design, corporate stationary and promotional materials.

When considering whether ‘Herkstead Drinks’ was the best vehicle to take the new brand forward, we put forward many potential name options. ‘So Drinks’ was the client’s preferred new brand name as the spirits they produce are so full bodied and infused with berries.

In our So Drinks branding concept, the ‘O’ of ‘SO forms a berry and the ‘s’ forms a stalk. The strapline ‘Full Bodied Spirits’ is a light hearted play on words – referring to the drinks being strong and full of flavour and spirits or ‘ghosts’ having no bodies. In order for the drinks to stand out on shelf and have an artisan, homemade feel, we designed the bottle and neck labels to have a very minimal and clean feel, a breath of fresh air compared to the fussyness and intricacy of some of their competitors labels.

The new So Drinks branding has now been fully realised and rolled out both on and offline. Their logo is fully trademarked and registered. Their marketing materials are strong and consistent across all media platforms and the full bodied spirits are now available to buy at

SO… if you’re a fan of Sloe Gin, Cranberry Vodka or Sloe Sherry, why not give So Drinks a shot?

Client          So Drinks
Services     Branding, Packaging, Websites