The new 2016/17 Premier League season started a couple of weeks ago but there’s something a little bit different this year. If you’re an avid football fan like myself then you would have noticed that the Premier League has had a completely new rebrand that is very refreshing.

Since the dawn of the Premier League era back in 1992 there’s been 5 different rebrands for the greatest league in the world. So hop into the DeLorean and let’s travel back in time to revisit some of the Premier Leagues greatest and not so greatest moments behind each iconic Premier League logo.

Lion king character holding the new Premier League logo while the old Logo is standing behind

We start back in 1992 where Carling was the first sponsor of the famous league. Known as the FA Carling Premiership, the logo seems somewhat out-dated which is to be expected of a logo that is over 24 years old! I’m not too sure whether I love it or hate it, I’m still undecided. If it had a new font with some fresh colours then it might actually be half decent. But you’ve got to appreciate the retro feel that you get from it, the colours are basic, the font is simple but I guess that’s what makes it so distinctive. Anyway, let’s have a look at some of the iconic moments behind the Carling Premiership logo.

Carling first sponser of 1992 FA Carling Premiership
Eric Cantona kick fan

The first three seasons of the Premier League saw the dominance of Man Utd, with great players such as Beckham, Giggs, Schmeichel and Neville. But there was one particular French man who was banging in the goals week in and week out, that man was Eric Cantona.

Cantona is easily one of the finest players to grace the Premier League but what he did back in 1995 will go down as one of the most controversial and funniest moments in the leagues history. Of course it was the time he kung-fu kicked a Crystal Palace fan at Selhurst Park back in 1995. Good ol’ Cantona, never failed to excite.

Right, let’s move on. We’re making our way into the years 1996 to 2001 where the league was still known as the FA Carling Premiership but with a face-lift. Rebranding is great when its done right as it gives a new feel and grabs the viewer’s attention. I’m not too sure what the FA were thinking with this though, I much preferred the previous one. The colours are vile and it just looks too blocky and tacky. But hey, there were some great moments under the logo.

1996 - 2001 facelift design of FA Carling Premiership logo
Paolo di Canio raising his hand looking at the football referee on the ground
Paolo di Canio pushing the football referee

Arsenal won their first Premier League title in 1997 under Arsene Wenger which was the first of three, although I cant see the 4th coming anytime soon. Moving onto 1999 where the Man Utd dominance was back with Sir Alex Ferguson leading his team to the famous treble of 99. Again there were some funny moments, which included the time where the fantastic Paolo di Canio pushed over the referee whilst playing for Sheffield Wednesday! He went on to scoring the best goal in the leagues history and became a West Ham legend in the process, but you simply can’t forget the infamous way he reacted to receiving that red card.

2001 – 2004 saw the introduction of new sponsors that you’re probably more familiar with, Barclaycard. The Barclaycard Premiership branding was a huge step up from its predecessor, the famous and iconic crowned lion holding the ball has been the face of the league since I can remember and has served well. Although I’m not too sure on the part below the lion, it still has got that cheesy 90s feeling to it.

2001 - 2004 Barclaycard English Premier League Logo
The Arsenal team celebrating their second Premier League title in 2004

It must have have been a great time to be an Arsenal fan, they successfully secured their second league title and the team was appointed the name The Invincibles. For all you non-football fans out there, the invincible season was the season Arsenal won the league without losing a single game! Not too bad eh. Being the only team to achieve this, players received a golden premier league trophy in recognition of their amazing achievement. A season that can never can be replicated… or can it? After Leicester’s heroics anything is possible!

The league was renamed to the Barclays Premiership in 2004, yes I know not much different from Barclaycard but important nonetheless, as the Barclays logo was incorporated into the football area. Not much changed from the previous one except for the section below the lion, which gave it that up to date feeling which the previous logo lacked. The shades of blue linked well with the two parties of Barclays and the league.

2004 Renamed Barclaycard Premiership Logo
Jose Mourinho resting the 2007 Premier League trophy on his head with Chelsea football players Frank Lampard and John Terry

The three seasons within 2004 – 2007 saw Chelsea win their first league title with a record 95 points. A little bit more Mourinho magic proved they were the real deal by retaining their league title the next season. It was also a big time for their north London rivals Arsenal, as they moved from their beloved Highbury to their lovely new library, also known as The Emirates… they do love a prawn sandwich there. 2007 came around and another record was broken! Derby ended the season with a whopping 11 points making them the team with the lowest points in the leagues history, good shift lads.

Right here we are, 2007 – 2016. The longest serving branding for the league, one of the most notable changes in branding was the name change from the Barclays Premiership to the Barclays Premier League. The branding lasted 8 seasons and it has served the league proud, the iconic lion acquired a new update and is now turning to face us proudly, though the area below was untouched.

A lot happened within those 8 seasons, including the rise and fall of Man Utd when Sir Alex Ferguson finally retired after winning the title in his last season. Mourinho returned, won the league and got the boot after an abysmal start to the season, controversy loves following him. We said goodbye to Premier League legends in Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. However the story to top them all was the recent season of 2015/2016. The Fantastic Foxes shocked the footballing world by defying the 5000/1 odds in winning the Barclays Premier League. Lead to victory by Mr Dilly Ding Dilly Dong himself, Claudio Ranieri finally got his hands on that Premier League trophy after being sacked by Chelsea in 2004.

2007 -2016 Renamed Barclaycard Premier League Logo
Leicester City team holding a trophy celebrating them winning the 2016 Premier League

Advertisings boards and promotions showing the New redesigned logo for Premier League
Advertisings boards and promotions artwork showing the New redesigned logo for Premier League

And now we’re here, 2016/17! A complete new rebrand has swept the league and it looks very smart! The league has dropped Barclays and has decided not to have a sponsor, which allows the Premier League to take centre stage. Scrapping the full lion, it has been minimised to a ball shaped lions head with a familiar crown. The detail of the lions face and mane really makes the design stand out and gives it a simplistic ambiance. In addition to the logo a new colourful pattern, which is to be used across advertisings boards and promotions, gives the rebranding an exciting edge, especially when animated.

2016/17 Rebrand of the Premier League Logo