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Gingham Cloud is a Herts based communications boutique, for copywriting, press releases, PR and social media.

Gingham Cloud branding design animated cloud logo
Gingham Cloud branding design animated cloud logo
Business cards front and back in cardboard box with Gingham Cloud branding
Business card front artwork with bleed for Gingham Cloud Business card back artwork with bleed for Gingham Cloud
Close-up of Gingham cloud branding design elements

A strong brand concept with soft approachable styling. Our concept turns the 2 serifed ‘g’s of ‘gingham’ into speech marks alongside a cloud/speech bubble icon.

Woman making silly faces sitting on window sill with coffee mug photography for Gingham Cloud
Gingham Cloud serif 'g' symbol with unique speech marks styling
Smiling woman sitting on a sofa with laptop and using tablet photography for Gingham Cloud

As part of their marketing materials, Gingham Cloud needed corporate stationery and a full social media platform set up.

Landscape Gingham Cloud logo design
Gingham Cloud repeat pattern background design branding
Portrait black and white Gingham Cloud logo design

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