Just a quick example of being too close to something to actually ‘see’ it!

Solar Panels Cambs. came to us for an estimate on some marketing materials they needed: Flyers, Banner Stands, Press Advertising, A-Frames and a ‘How To’ Brochure.

When we met them, they were excited about their new website but said that something just wasn’t quite right, they just couldn’t put their finger on it…

Solar Panels Cambs: Existing Website Header

As soon as we saw it, we could see the problem and suggested that they take up our ‘Free Logo Health Check‘ service. The Logo Health Check is a design clinic set up to give people an unbiased, professional assessment on the current state of health of their logo.

Solar Panels Cambs. Existing Logo

Here we show the original logo and below, the 2 FREE ‘Health Check’ development options we proposed:

In our opinion, their original logo had obvious readability issues with blue on blue for the word ‘Solar’ and green on blue for ‘Panels Cambs’.

Solar Panels Cambs: Right Angle Logo Design Option 1

It’s OK being subtle and clever with fancy halo effects, but sometimes it’s more important just to get the message across!

Solar Panels Cambs: Right Angle Logo Design Option 2

We believe the final ‘white Solar’ option 2 is the most sensible ‘course of treatment’ for their ailing Corporate Identity: ‘Lens flare’ / lighting effects etc could be added to marketing materials at a later stage if they so wish, but as a basic principle, it’s fresher, more vibrant and more readable than the existing and will work far more effectively for them in their marketing.

Whether they take our advice or not, only time will tell.
‘You can lead a horse to water, but…’
Watch this space and we’ll keep you updated on any improvement
or signs of recovery ?