Congratulations to Kara Tointon on lifting the Strictly Come Dancing Glitterball Trophy!

Not being Eastenders fans, we’d never heard of Kara, before ‘Strictly’. But it turns out, she’s been lurking in photo frames on the Right Angle studio walls, watching over us for years and we didn’t have a clue… almost a dissss-aaaaassss-ter!

If we’re not very much mistaken (or she has a very convincing doppleganger) Kara was one of the fab-uuuuu-lous girlswear models featured in the Dorothy Perkins, Back to School, promotional leaflets we designed, more than se-vvvvvvvv-en, could be 10 years ago, (or even more, we’re not sure exactly when?).

As Kara progressed in the competition and after we’d done one or two double takes walking past her display frame… just before the final, the penny dropped… (‘blow me, an’ knock me down wiv a feavver!’) as she may well have said in an Eastenders episode at some point… it’s nice to see you, to see you… NICE! 

Kara, if it’s not you, please accept our apologies, but rest assured that even before the penny dropped and we thought that we recognised you on our studio wall, you were always and still are… “Our Favourite“. P.S. If it IS you and you’d like a copy of the Dorothy Perkins leaflet, for your scrapbook, just let us know!