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Whether you’ve just launched a new site or its been live for years, we’ll audit your website to test how it’s performing and provide suggestions on how it can be improved.

After we’ve completed your audit, we can provide you with a scope of works and cost to boost the performance of your website, however, there is no obligation to then use our services.

Right Angle has a proven track record in designing and building highly successful websites which are fast, secure and user friendly, with good traffic and conversion rates.

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1: Conversion

Conversion is the ultimate goal of any website. Your website may receive a lot of traffic through organic or paid listings, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to consistently convert users. This is where Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO comes in. Maybe the offer on your website isn’t that appealing or the lack of reviews or testimonials may be causing a credibility issue.

Having someone look at your site from a new perspective can help analyse and understand any underlying issues that are limiting the success of your website. We can help you implement automated email campaigns and/or re-marketing, to capture lost users or add new ‘call to action’ buttons and increase customer engagement throughout your site.

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2: Traffic

There is a common misconception that after launching a new website, users will come flooding in to view it. Sadly, it’s not that easy. There are 9 potential traffic streams to your website: Organic, Pay-Per-Click, Display, Referral, Affiliate, Direct, Social, Email and Other.

In order to maximise these streams, a strategy needs to be created and then actioned. We can help you identify how each of these streams are performing as well as offer suggestions on how to grow each one.

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3: Usability

Not to be confused with Functionality. Just because something works, doesn’t mean it works well. People dedicate years to improving the user experience of their website, but there are a few best practices that you should follow throughout your site.

Good navigation, search functionality, clarity of message and even brand application all play a huge part in the user’s experience on your website. After understanding the goals of your website, we can offer recommendations on how you can improve the flow of the customer journey.

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4: Speed

This one is a little more complicated than just “how fast is your website?” It’s common knowledge that a website should load in under 2 seconds, but multiple elements can affect your website speed including hosting, caching and optimisation.

We can run performance scans on your website and identify the specific areas that are slowing your site down. Did you know that one of the most common problems when it comes to site speed is poorly optimised images?

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5: Security

Website security shouldn’t be overlooked. There are two types of security, protecting your website and protecting the people who use it. Good internal website security can protect your websites from hackers, malware and spam. For more information on this topic, you can check out our blog ‘5 simple steps to better website security.’

To keep the people using your website safe, you need to make sure that their data is protected using encryption. SSL certificates and forced HTTPS redirects are one of many techniques that can be implemented to solve this issue. (Bonus, Google sees SSL certificates as a ‘trust symbol’ which can increase your organic rankings for search terms)

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6: Functionality

Assessing the functionality of a website is about asking the question “does it work as it should?” You can’t choose what device or internet browser someone is going to view your site on, so it needs to function correctly on all of them.

We’ll take a look at how responsive web design has been implemented (with particular attention to the mobile site!) We’ll test the front end elements on your website such as contact forms and e-commerce checkout, but also scan the back end for things like 404 errors and broken links.

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Our website design services include:

Bespoke Websites
Content Management
Responsive Websites

Site Structure & Database
Website Hosting
Website Maintenance

Corporate Blogs
Social Media Design
Project Management


By approaching the design process from the user’s perspective, we create a unique digital experience that is intuitive and simple.

By understanding your audience, we believe our sites will deliver digital experiences that are informative, inspired and engaging. Subtlety and attention to detail are what helps build a good user experience and transform how people feel about your business.

Whatever you need, Right Angle has a proven track record in helping you deliver it – from branding, websites, brochures, packaging and promotions to retail design. Ultimately though, what we do isn’t about us at all – it’s all about you and making your business be the best it can be… Let our design tell your story.

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Whether you’ve just launched a new site or its been live for years, we’ll audit your website to test how it’s performing and provide suggestions on how it can be improved.