Designing ecommerce websites that are easy to use and built for purpose to deliver results.

Close up of desktop displaying the Willis & Gambier website with a full bleed image of Willis & Gambier furniture
Close up of desktop displaying the Willis & Gambier website with a full bleed image of Willis & Gambier furniture

Customer focused eCommerce design

By understanding your business, Right Angle can design an Ecommerce website that will evolve as you grow.

We build Ecommerce websites that provide you with an intuitive digital presence that’s easy for your customers to use and buy from, accompanied by the support to deliver the integration and functionality you need, strengthened by stunning visuals. As a result, it will help drive sales and increase conversion rates due to minimised barriers and effortless navigation to purchase.

With our rich knowledge in this sector, we can support you by designing a website with online functionality and integration to engage your customers. We use WooCommerce, the leading Ecommerce platform to help deliver you the right solutions that connect seamlessly with WordPress.

We don’t believe in ‘launch it and leave it’ attitude. As a full-service agency, we offer a wide range of additional services to help support you with your new website, these vary from technical support, SEO and digital marketing; to branding design. We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to run a successful shop, drive sales and to allow for beautiful web experience.

Our website design approach

Our 360° design process breaks each project into 4 simple steps. Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver.

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We start any project by asking the right questions. Assessing and understanding your project requirements and expectations allows us to set off in the right direction.

We’ll spend time conducting thorough research and analysis, allowing us to have a better understanding of your customers and how they currently or will navigate through your site. The result of this research will help us to create the direction of your new eCommerce build.

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This is where the fun begins. Based on the research, we can create technical specifications and potential solutions that will best answer your brief. This will involve producing sitemaps, wireframes and interactive concepts.

We’ll map out how we think your brand will look, respond and feel through interaction, graphics, photography, products/services and typography in a digital environment, ensuring you have an ecommerce website that works for you and your customers.

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Upon our meeting, we’ll implement your feedback to refine and build both the front and back-end of the final, approved design with responsiveness being the forefront of our expertise. Before go-live, we’ll run our tests to the final build, applying any tweaks where necessary right up to the point of the launch.

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We’ll help you get started with your website by giving you a handover. Where we show you the theme, teach you how to add products, product specs, make content changes and answer any questions you may have regarding the build.

We’ll continue to support you – We offer maintenance for your new website. No one wants their site hacked, so keeping your site maintained is key, to keep your website secure and update to date.


Whether you’re just starting out in the digital marketplace or looking to take your online presence to the next level, Right angle are here to help your business thrive.

By approaching the design process from the user’s perspective, we create a unique digital experience that is intuitive and simple. We ensure our e-Commerce websites are designed to be fully-optimised resulting in a rapid, seamless process from product selection through to purchase, resulting in an over pleasurable and smooth experience for your customers.

Whatever you need, Right Angle has a proven track record in helping you deliver it – from branding, websites, brochures, packaging and promotions to retail design. Ultimately though, what we do isn’t about us at all – it’s all about you and making your business be the best it can be… Let our design tell your story.

Our Ecommerce design services include:

Bespoke Websites
Content Management
Responsive Websites

Site Structure & Database
Website Hosting
Website Maintenance

Corporate Blogs
Social Media Design
Project Management

Our clients

Right Angle are a creative design agency with over 30 years experience.

We work with brands you already know, as well as some you may not be familiar with (yet). Hopefully the work we do for our clients does most of the talking for us, however if you need any further information, just let us know!

Our impressive portfolio and wealth of knowledge in the industry is something we pass onto all of our clients, from large to start-ups.

We’ve had the privilege of working with high profile national and international businesses as well as respected companies in the local community, we’re proud to be a part of their story. Here are a few of them.

Our website packages include:

Whether you require our full branding service, a simple logo refresh or anything in between, Right Angle is here to help and support you through your journey.

CMS (Content Management System)

Providing the ability for multi-user access, to amend and update website content as required.

Fully Responsive

To work across all devices and platforms: Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone.

Creative Concept & Styling

Of all unique page types.

Building the Site Structure

Page construction, including simple navigation, menus & links, so that the site is easy to use.

Image Sizing, Enhancing and Optimising

Saving and naming all logos, icons & images for web usage.

Population of the Site

With all images, alt tags, text content, forms, maps, etc.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Making sure the site is optimised for your chosen keyword searches.


High-level security and password protection for any areas of the site containing sensitive information.

Testing & Checking

Site functionality, proofreading, checking and correction of inconsistencies throughout the site before going live.

Fully Updatable

With new website technology as it happens. An eCommerce Shop can be added at any time.

Project Management

Throughout the process.


Ecommerce FAQ's

We've received various questions over the years, so here are some that we've collated in the hope that they provide insight for your project.

What eCommerce platform do you use?

As we build all of our websites in Wordpress, our standard eCommerce platform is WooCommerce. The base functionality and tools are perfect for both large and small online stores. The admin console is easy to use and after handover, will allow you to manage your store without the need for a web developer.

Does eCommerce affect my website’s speed?

Running an eCommerce store requires additional web resources, so it will affect your website’s speed if not implemented correctly. One of the main things to consider when setting up your website is hosting. Budget hosting packages usually can’t handle the memory requirements of eCommerce websites which means customers using your site may experience longer load times.

How do I promote my new eCommerce website?

To have a successful online store, a marketing strategy needs to be put in place. Too many businesses don’t consider this and wonder why they have received no sales after several months.

The initial aim when promoting your new website is to increase traffic and awareness, this can be done in multiple ways. Popular techniques such as email marketing, social media, search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising should all be considered when building your marketing strategy.

How many products do I need?

When it comes to product numbers, you need to consider how many attributes or variations you have within each product.

If you have a product that comes in two colours with a choice of small, medium or large, then you have 6 variants of your one product. Adding product attributes is a quick way to increase the size of your shop and will need to be considered when outlining the scope of work.

Do you provide training?

Once your website has been built, we can provide training to help you manage, update and expand your eCommerce store.

If required, we can provide additional training sessions to cover more advanced topics.

Will there be any additional costs?

All eCommerce stores need a valid SSL certificate to process secure payments. This comes as standard with Right Angles Hosting and Maintenance packages or can be purchased from your own hosting provider.

To achieve additional functionality, most eCommerce stores will require a 3rd party integration. These integrations offer free or paid services such as alternative payment portals, CRM integration or advanced shipping options. If you do require a paid integration, we’ll let you know when taking the initial project brief.

Let's work together

If you have a design project in mind, we’d love to help. Whether you're just starting out in the digital marketplace or looking to take your online presence to the next level, share it with us and together we’ll create something amazing!

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