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Our most cost-effective website package. Ideal for small businesses and start-ups.

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5 Pages


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Our most popular website package. Used by all types of businesses to present a professional image.

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10 Pages


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Perfect for more medium sized businesses who have multiple services and products that require separate pages.

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10+ Page Websites

The best choice when you need to give customers more detailed information about your business. Ideal for larger, more established companies. For sites of more than 10 pages or if you need an e-commerce shop, please contact us to discuss your project in more detail.


What's included in our professional web design packages?

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Create a website database uploading all required functionality files and plug-ins.


Provide the ability for multi-user access, to amend and update website content.

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Ensure the website works across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone.

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Create wireframe layouts, styling and user experience for all unique page types.

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Construction of pages menus and navigation, so that the site is easy to use.

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Saving and naming of logos, icons & images at the correct size for web usage.


Make sure the site is optimised for your chosen keyword searches.


High-level security and protection of the site against hacking and malware.

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Check site functionality, testing forms and links etc. before going live.


Ensure your site is up to date and compatible with new technology.

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Throughout the process to make sure that expectations and deadlines are met.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: these can be added to any website package

Hosting & Maintenance
Keyword Research
Animated Logo

SEO Landing Pages
Photo Retouching
Corporate Video

E-mail Sign Off
Social Media Icon
Social Media Page Design

Please call us to discuss your project in more detail, we’d love to help.

Our website design approach

Our 360° design process breaks each project into 4 simple steps. Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver.


By approaching the design process from the user’s perspective, we create a unique digital experience that is intuitive and simple.

By understanding your audience, we believe our sites will deliver digital experiences that are informative, inspired and engaging. Subtlety and attention to detail are what helps build a good user experience and transform how people feel about your business.

Whatever you need, Right Angle has a proven track record in helping you deliver it – from branding, websites, brochures, packaging and promotions to retail design. Ultimately though, what we do isn’t about us at all – it’s all about you and making your business be the best it can be… Let our design tell your story.

Our website design services include:

Bespoke Websites
Content Management
Responsive Websites

Site Structure & Database
Website Hosting
Website Maintenance

Corporate Blogs
Social Media Design
Project Management

Website FAQ's

We've received various questions over the years, so here are some that we've collated in the hope that they provide insight for your project.

Why Wordpress?

We use Wordpress CMS, which enables you to be in full control with websites that are easy to edit and update. It includes unique features that make it the most popular content management system available. We’ll deliver you a CMS that’s built to meet your requirements, providing you with a simple, user-friendly and updateable interface.

WordPress powers nearly a third of the world’s websites, including the complex sites of major brands you’re familiar with such as; Disney, Sony, Vogue, Mercedes Benz and many more. 

How much do your websites cost?

It depends on how big a site it is and what you need it to do. If you need to integrate a booking system, bespoke functionality or an e-commerce store, then this is going to factor into your website cost.

The fastest way to get your project costed is to give us a call and speak to a member of our team to discuss your requirements, they’ll be happy to help with any questions you have.

Can I build my own website?

There are a lot of basic website builders out there for you to use. You can select one of their generic templates and put your content in.

Here are a few things you’ll need to consider:
• Do you have the knowledge, design ability and technical skills to know what works best?
• How many of your competitors are using the same template design?
• Will it be fully responsive across all devices and rank well in search engine results?

These website builders are great for personal blogs, but not ideal if you’re looking for something memorable, relevant and professional for your business.

How long do websites take to build?

Again, this depends on size and functionality. Including the planning and content creation. Typically, a 6-page website project could take between 4-6 weeks.

What other costs are there to be aware of?

Domain Name– These can range in price depending on what you want. We can advise you on what domain names would work well for your business.

Hosting – Prices vary depending on the level of hosting. As site speed is an important factor to the success of your website, you’ll want to make sure you get the right one for your needs.

SSL – Highly recommended as Search Engines post a danger warning for any site without one. SSL certificates make your website secure. Some hosting providers will include a free SSL with their hosting package.

Email – Optional. Custom emails such as will need to be handled through your hosting provider.

What happens after it goes live?

Maintenance – With Wordpress websites, the ‘launch it and leave it’ attitude doesn’t work. Wordpress is built up of three things: core Wordpress files, themes and plugins. As newer versions of these files are released, the old ones will need updating. You can update these files yourself, but most people don’t want to, as done incorrectly, this may break your site. This is where our website maintenance package comes in.

Blogs – Search engines love fresh content. Regular blogging is a great way for you to attract traffic to your website and generate an audience.

How can I get more traffic to my website?

Search Engine Optimisation – We build all our websites with what’s called ‘foundational optimisation’. This means we set up your site structure to be easy to navigate and access all the content. There are many SEO strategies you can use to boost your website’s search rankings such as backlinks and citations.

Pay Per Click Advertising – This involves creating adverts through a program such as Google Adwords to appear above organic results for certain search terms. This can be an extremely effective form of advertising, however, it does come at a cost, needs setting up properly and requires regular monitoring and maintenance.