Are flat logos the future of design or just another trend?

Famous car brands such as BMW, Mini and VW all experienced rebrands in the 80s or 90s. The logos released were revolutionary, with sharp colour and metallic gradients. This became the conventional approach to branding within the automotive industry. These metallic logos weren’t primarily used to build a brand, their aim was mainly to show what the ‘logo’ or ‘badge’ would look like when on the car. This may have been revolutionary in the 90s but all good things must come to an end.

As the world becomes more digital these 3D designs look dated and tired.

Side by Side Mini logo showing new and old

Many car brands such as Mini are slowly transitioning to the new digital age. In 2015 Mini This unveiled a new 2D, single colour logo with a slightly different sans serif typeface. This was a marketing scheme to announce to the rest of the world ‘Mini is entering a new era’. Although many thought the redesign was successful, it wasn’t short of its critics, with many feeling that the brand had lost its identity.

Mini cooper metalic logo on car hood

Shortly after this campaign Citroen decided to follow suit in 2016 with their own brand overhaul.

Side by Side Citroen logo showing new and old

As you can see, Citroen ditched their signature red and shiny finish to adopt a simple, monochrome design. When asked why the sudden change, Citroen stated that the new logo allowed for greater graphic opportunities across a variety of platforms. 


These are just two examples of car brands revolutionising their business. Even if their logos haven’t all been perceived as successful… there’s no such thing as bad publicity! BMW, VW, Audi, and even Toyota have all redesigned within the last 5 years. Car production is one of the most forward-thinking, fast-paced environments in the world. With innovative technology and breathtaking designs being released on a weekly basis. So is this not a sign to all other industries across the world? Digital design is heading this way, get on the train or be left at the station… it’s your choice. 

Side by Side Toyota logo showing new and old
Side by Side BMW logo showing new and old
Side by Side Volkswagen logo showing new and old

At Right Angle, we always stress that the best logos are versatile enough to work across all platforms (website, printing, clothing). Having a dated logo, dosn’t give customers the best impression of your company and may limit your business opportunities. The examples below show both a minor tweak and a major refresh from 3D to flat. To see more examples, please click here.

Old Avena logo design New Avena logo design

Before >

< After

PDQ old logo design Reversed PDQ no strapline logo design

Before >

< After

Revitalising your business brand shows customers a statement of intent and moves your business forward in a positive direction. If you’d like to take your business to the next level, get in touch, we’d love to help!